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Untrue! - Daley-Morris rubbishes claims of Netball Jamaica rift

Published:Tuesday | November 14, 2017 | 12:00 AMRobert Bailey
Netball Jamaica President Dr Paula Daley-Morris speaks to reporters at The Gleaner’s headquarters at 7 North Street, Kingston, yesterday.

President of Netball Jamaica (NJ), Paula Daley-Morris, has denied that there is any rift between her association and former first Vice-president Jacqueline Robotham, who resigned two weeks ago.

Robotham is one of a few individuals, who for one reason or another, no longer operate on Netball Jamaica's board.

Daley-Morris said that her organisation still maintains a good relationship with Robotham despite her absence from the board, and adds that she still has an unofficial role in her association.

"Jacqueline Robotham is still with us because she operates behind the scenes," said Daley-Morris. "She doesn't want to have an official capacity because of where she is in her personal life and career," she said.

"She is not disconnected from us, We are not at odds with her. She stepped back from August, and the official letter came in October," Daley-Morris said.

The Gleaner reached out to Robotham, who confirmed Daley-Morris' statements as true.

"Yes, I am working still working behind the scenes with Netball Jamaica," said Robotham.

However, Kadean Holness, a former board member, who resigned after serving one year with the association, described Robotham's resignation as a major blow to NJ, in an article published in The Gleaner last Thursday.

"It is sad because these persons have done well for netball, and can do a lot for netball, and you want good people to be a part of the board," Holness said.




However, Daley-Morris said the resignation of a number of persons from the board will not affect the operations of her association.

"The Netball Jamaica board is made up of elected and co-opted members, so there is a reason why the article is situated like that, so that at no time, a resignation will impact the board," said Daley-Morris.

"The board operates regardless of who is there because of that structure, so we always have a complement of 16 members to call on. Not all 16 are elected members. Ten are elected members, six are co-opted," Daley-Morris said.