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Possible delays to NIDS pilot phase

Published:Tuesday | November 14, 2017 | 12:32 PM
Acting Chief Technical Director, Office of the Prime Minister, Jacqueline Lynch-Stewart.

Acting Chief Technical Director in the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), Jacqueline Lynch Stewart, says the pilot phase of the new National Identification System (NIDS) may have to be delayed.

Speaking this morning at a press conference held at the OPM, Lynch Stewart said the NIDS pilot may have to be pushed back by at least months.

She says this is because approval of the bill took longer than expected and adequate time is needed for the development of the accompanying regulations for NIDS.


Lynch Stewart further explained that the pilot, when implemented, will target public sector workers.


Acting chief technical director in the Office of the Prime Minister, Jacqueline Lynch Stewart

With the NIDS bill approved by the Senate last night after 168 amendments, it will now return to the Lower House of Parliament for final approval before it is sent to the Governor General for assent and enactment.

Meanwhile, Project Director for NIDS Warren Vernon disclosed at the press conference that new identification system is costing the government $9 billion.

He says the pilot will be done over a nine-month period, after which there will be a full rollout of NIDS among the population.

Yesterday, Leader of Government Business in the Senate, Senator Kamina Johnson Smith, disclosed that the aim is to begin the NIDS rollout by September 2019 and that the process will take three years.