Fri | Apr 26, 2019

Don't neglect your education, students

Published:Saturday | September 15, 2018 | 12:00 AM


This is an open letter to high-school students across Jamaica.

The phrase 'Every Child Can Learn, Every Child Must Learn' represents the age group three to 17. In preparation for high school, great emphasis is placed on your primary and preparatory education because it sets the stage for the most important aspect of your educational development: high school.

Why then after grade seven are many of you turned off from the very thing that is geared at making you a better person? Some persons are of the view that you don't care about education because the successful people with whom you can relate are often not educated, for example, athletes and DJs, but are highly paid.

Show respect to parents and teachers

The sad fact is that you know these famous persons, you spend hours discussing them, and can recite every line from your favourite DJ. You even show more respect to them than to your parents and teachers.

The general excuse coming from most of you is that you know many students who have as many as nine subjects and cannot find jobs. But that is the purpose of high school to leave with as many subjects as you can!

The phone in your hand and the other in your pocket is where you are most focused, but have you ever thought of going into the manufacturing of phones? Regarding the Clarks shoes and the brush that you use to make sure they are free from dust, and the brand-name clothes and bling that you wear, has it ever entered your mind that instead of just wearing them, you can also make them?

Dear students, in spite of the many distractions and obstacles, real or imagined, you cannot allow yourselves to be a hindrance to your own development. Therefore, let education be your best friend.