Thu | Mar 21, 2019

Critics using media to tear down Church

Published:Friday | July 13, 2018 | 12:00 AM


Increasingly, we are reading more articles in the Jamaican press in condemnation of the Bible, the Church, and Christians. Yet, whether living according to the virtues of the religion or no, biblical, Christian values are entrenched in the essence of the Jamaican people.

The majority of Jamaicans strongly believe in a supreme being, and they express their freedom of religion by their attendance at a place of worship each Saturday or Sunday.

Regular, Bible-believing churchgoers are not the criminals menacing the country; they might backbite, but they are not the gunmen. Yet, Christians and the Bible are under scrutiny as if they are nuisances of the society.

Where would education in this country be if not for the Church? Most basic and secondary schools and colleges were founded and are operated by Christian organisations. Christianity has endured centuries of persecution, and in a radically changing Jamaica, the opposition will be more vicious.