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Kudos to Constable Gary Francis

Published:Thursday | November 16, 2017 | 12:08 AM


Please permit me space to relate a most pleasant experience with a police constable on Monday November 13.

I was approaching the Harbour View roundabout in east Kingston when I noticed a police officer in the road signalling me to stop.

I complied and he approached the vehicle.

In a jovial, but very polite manner, he introduced himself as Constable Gary Francis. Then he informed me that the reason for the stop was that my headlights were off.

Immediately, I turned them on to demonstrate that they were in fact working.

Constable Francis then reminded me of his name before bidding me a good evening and a safe journey.

Very often we hear of the stories of people who have bad experiences with the police. Maybe we can influence change by sharing the good experiences.

Livern Barrett