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Find Your New Main Squeeze

Published:Thursday | January 4, 2018 | 12:15 AMJody-Anne Lawrence
Jason McCook in front of his juice truck.
Looking for a healthy option? Main Squeeze has you covered.
The milkshake is a must try with these three great options.
This Bailey's Milkshake is a smooth and creamy treat that you can't help but love.
The Oreo milkshake is a hit and guess what? if you want to take it to the next level, a little Bailey's to do the trick.
The Smooth Operator.
Try their signature fruit drink – the Main Squeeze.
Felicia Thompson getting her daily treat.
Customer Yvonne Stewart collecting her drink of the day.

If you are driving along Knutsford Boulevard in New Kingston, you might come across a brightly coloured truck in front of Victoria Mutual with your favourite juices and cheerful staff ready to serve.

This is Main Squeeze, a juice truck operated by Jason McCook. The first thing that will strike you about the truck is the mix of colours. As a marketer, McCook took everything into consideration, beyond the flavours of his delicious juices. He wanted to offer a healthy alternative without an overpowering presence of green, hence the bright colours. It stands out wherever it is, and attracts passers-by.

When it comes to the flavour of his juices, McCook wanted to get it right. Every day, he travels to the famed Coronation Market with his business partner, Stacian Virtue, to get fresh produce to create their natural juices. Before finalising the menu, they went through extensive taste testing to ensure that the flavours were perfected. And they were.

Main Squeeze offers an array of juices, which includes Green Squeeze and Di Real Greens - their green juices. Main Squeeze Please is a fruit blend. And, there is Heart Beet for beetroot lovers.

A customer favourite, however, is the protein blend called Protein Crunch Punch. It is a hit due to its rich, creamy flavour without a powdery aftertaste, which is common with many protein shakes. To fulfil your guilty pleasures, they offer delicious milkshakes. One that many Jamaicans will love due to its liqueur additive - Baileys - is the Bailey's milkshake. They also have an Oreo milkshake and one that they call Smooth Operator, which has just a bit of high proof vodka.

Main Squeeze adds extra toppings to drinks to suit customers' personal preferences. Making this juice truck your main squeeze is definitely not a bad idea.

McCook ensured that he did everything to bring his truck up to health standards before bringing it out on to the road. He admitted that it was not easy. He added that the Ministry of Health, as well as Kingston and St Andrew Corporation, were quite thorough in evaluating the truck and ensuring that the name was not one that was used by anyone else.

"I was impressed by the lengths that they took," he told Food.

The truck is equipped with a water tank and sanitary areas, as well as its own built-in generator, as all drinks are done to order for freshness and quality.

McCook parks his truck near to the taxi stand, usually by 4 a.m., for opening at 8 a.m.

His hope is to eventually expand to offering a delivery service in a few weeks.

Main Squeeze

Contact: 393-9475

Location: Knutsford Boulevard

Instagram: @maindqueezeja